Welcome to ubuntu-server-setup’s documentation


ubuntu-server-setup is an opinionated bash setup script to automate the setup and provisioning of Ubuntu servers, primarily biased towards python web applications (Django, Flask, etc.).

Why this documentation?

This documentation was written to provide additional context and rationale behind the engineervix/ubuntu-server-setup project, which was forked from jasonheecs/ubuntu-server-setup.

It is hoped that this will provide a useful reference not only for those who seek to use the setup script to bootstrap their Ubuntu server, but also for those that would like to fork the project and adapt it to their specific needs, just as I did.

Perhaps you like the project and would like to contribute to its improvement – this documentation will hopefully help you get a better understanding of what’s going on “under the hood”.

Notwithstanding, I also wrote this documentation for my future self, because many times I forget the very code that I wrote, and even wonder why and how I wrote it!